Yongsheng is the specified engineering factory by King’s royal.

We did many projects for Kings of Saudi Arabia 、Kings of Qatar. Each time covered 2000000 dollars, products covered 100 containers. After projects, the project manager will write a thank-you note to us by himself, thanks for our good jobs, thanks for our professional team, thanks for our perfect products. Some times he will send us gifts which the king gave to him.


Every year Yongsheng will do lots of governments balustrade 、metal screen、stainless steel trim、stainless steel& aluminum& steel fabrication、metal cladding、SS sheet、SS tube、SS mesh engineerings. We served over 150 worldwide countries. And all of them are very restricted projects, before delivery, our clients will let SGS, etc third-party test them, every time we finished perfectly. We have strong project teams and quality control system.

If You Need Any Decoration Hardware Solution, Balustrade Solution…, We Are Available For You

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